Hemba monkey mask

In rear view, she has splayed buttocks, angular shoulders, and a line running the full length of the centre of the back. In Igbo society there is strong social pressure toward individual distinction, and men can move upward through successive grades by demonstrating their achievements and their generosity.

At first the masks probably depicted only forest animals or their spirits. They are arranged into large groups which approximate to clan, each of which has a common ancestor, and is headed by an elder known as the Fuma Mwalo. Stock characters include Mbeke, the European; Mkpi, the he-goat; and Mba, which appear in pairs, one representing a boy dressed as a girl mimicking the behaviour of a girl, the other representing the girl being satirized.

As stated, these smaller groups also emerge in a variety of types, for a variety of purposes. Best known are those of the Northern Igbo Mmo society, which represents the spirits of deceased maidens and their mothers with masks symbolizing beauty.

The second is technology, in that in some areas differences of style depend on the material employed. Readings from classical times to the present. Wooden masks embody bush spirits, invoked to benefit humankind and the natural forces on which life depends. Title Meaning In accordance with Gates, the trickster archetype practice related to African folklore, mythology and religion.

I also had a furtive glimpse, before being chased away, of a female mask and a few male masks gathered in a house of an abandoned compound. Stripes are associated with a variety of capridae antelope etc. Similar objects are also carved in ivory, and in some cases copper, brass, and iron are used.

Neither the monkey nor the blank face have teeth and are considered non-aggressive. Seated mother-and-child figures are found throughout the lower Congo region. Your chances for authenticity are increased if you buy according to these waves.

A pointed iron rod heated in the fire may be employed to bore holes in a mask for attachment to the costume and to permit the wearer to see. The nyonyose are the descendants of the conquered peoples who lived in the region before the Mossi arrived.

Auktion av stamkonst (samtida)

Most Songye female masks have a grooved surface that is painted over with white kaolin pembe or ntoshiand when the mask is worn repeatedly, this white partially wears off, exposing the natural wood. Figures are made to house the spirits of deceased family members and are placed in family shrines, and masks are used to drive away the spirits of the deceased at the end of the mourning period.

The sculptures of the Hemba include singitimale ancestor figures and two types of masks. Although every figure is the portrait of a specific person, the artist portrays generalized.

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Dogon Masks and Tribal Art

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Tribal Art Auction (Contemporary)

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Soko Mutu Mask - HEMBA - D.R Congo. Iconic Monkey-Like Mask - Uncommon Object Mer. Yanda Figurine - ZANDE - DRC, Former Zaire. Middle of the 20th century - Very nice condition Mer. Maternity figurine of the Baoulé - Asia Usu Blolo Bla - Côte d'Ivoire.

Hemba monkey mask
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