Hbs aqualisa quartz case write up

Aqualisa Quartz: Simply A Better Shower Case Executive Summary

First, the company was able to sell large quantity of its stock through dealers and distributors since the distributors always had product in stocks, and this assisted the company products to reach retailers and corporate clients.

Every marketing case study solution varies based on the details and data provided in the case.

Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower Marketing Strategy Analysis & Solution

This is a significant difference. Its sales force consists of 90 people who directly contact the individuals, promote their company's product, and provide various types of technical services. K places had showers and therefore there were a batch of opportunities that new companies can come in the market to tap the immense market.

On the other hand, mixed shower consisted of manual and thermostatic use blended hot and cold water to create a comfortable temperature.

As suggested by Ansoff. It is the pioneer in introducing innovative showers for general consumers and became successful in terms of user friendly and stylish design, ease of installation, and water pressure. This means I expect top-level professional work.

This is the most effective way to create brand identity and persuade consumers to prefer this brand over all other traditional, old-fashion, and less-reliable brands. Include a title page with the name of the case and your ID number. Based on the information in the instance.

Therefore, the existing pricing strategy has become a competitive advantage for Atlantic Computers. Yes, there is quantitative data to analyze in this case Customer lifetime value is important in this case.

Aqualisa offered the ShowerMax trade name to this class at a significantly lower monetary value than their other merchandises and fewer characteristics. Market Sections based on Price v. As noted in class, all companies operate with constraints imposed on them by the marketplace and by their own internal policies, capabilities and limitations.

With this innovative product, Aqualisa aimed to solve the two major problems of household consumers, i. Distribution" discusses the preoccupation of Director of Sales Operations of Lotus Development Corporation, John Shagoury on the decision whether to bypass the company distributor and dealers and deal directly with saleforces in order to sell the company products to large corporate users.

Proper source citation Point Value 10 15 25 15 Recommended. Similarly a somewhat differentiate vitreous silica shower merchandise Say Quartz Easy and Quartz Easy pumped could be introduced under the trade name name Gainborough to carry through the demands of the DO-IT-Yourself Customer group Topographic point: Harry Rawlinson is managing director of Aqualisa, a major U.

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Channel Management and B2B Marketing

In this regard, there are three segments: Does it make sense. Because of this, they there is a strong preference for electric showers in this segment. The usage of electronics has enabled the merchandise to offer alone advantages. Broadly talking the clients in the single market section have one common characteristic i.

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Radical switching from distributor and dealers to the company Saleforce at this time could totally jeopardize the company market advantages because the company did not have enough Saleforce to serve the entire corporate user.

Does it make sense. The problem with this strategy is that Aqualisa could begin to associate their premium brand, Quartz, with their discount brand, Gainsborough. Priced at Using this promotion strategy, the customer all over the UK would gradually switch from other showers to Aqualisa Quartz shower.

Aqualisa has come up with a very good product, but the shower is not selling at the rate that Aqualisa had hoped. However, inthe company discontinued with saleforce because of the pressure from the company's dealers and distributors.

The company spend a huge amount on different promotional activities for its Quartz brand, but the results came in the form of a big disappointment. The company should also consider the costs of switching radically from distributors to the Saleforce. Order Now - Aqualisa Quartz: The Quartz is also easy to install compared to other models on the market.

Aqualisa QUARTZ: simply a better shower Case Solution. Reluctance of Plumbers. The plumbers available in the market were also reluctant to adopt and learn the innovation in showers as, they were only relying on the traditional installation techniques and Quartz was not be installed by those traditional and old methods of installing showers.

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Aqualisa Quartz: Case Study

24x7 online chat support. Call for expert assistance +mail- [email protected] Running&head:&AQUALISACASE&SUBMISSION& 4& benefits&of&the&Quartz&might&decrease&sales&of&Aqualisa’s&existing&products.&They&believed. Fontaine, Chris Henshaw, Vanessa Landry, and Scott Watson Aqualisa Quartz Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Promotion, and Price March 11, Statement of the Problem Aqualisa has not established the proper mix of product, place, promotion, and pricing for its revolutionary Quartz shower valve.5/5(6).

Aqualisa Quartz value proposition to consumers is following: efficient, reliable water pressure and temperature, easy to use (one touch control with red light indicator), easy to install for do-it-yourself segment. Thus, Quartz offers a breakthrough product that.

Aqualisa Quartz Case Solution,Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis, Aqualisa Quartz Case Study Solution, Situation Analysis Quartz a product by Aqualisa in spite being an innovative product that is user-friendly and as per latest trends of the industry is stil.

Hbs aqualisa quartz case write up
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